Welcome to the Central Technological Library
at the University of Ljubljana  (CTK)

The Central Technological Library at the University of Ljubljana - CTK - is the main library and information centre in the field of  natural sciences and technology in Slovenia to provide information services for the students, University staff, researchers and professionals. It is also a part of the national library network and cooperative bibliographic information system and service - COBISS. CTK is also an official PATLIB centre of the European Patent Office users with local access to patent information and related issues.

Our holdings

Printed holdings
We hold about 150.000 volumes of books, more than 600 current print journal titles and more 70.000 standards.  A  part of books and most of journal titles and standards are put to open access.

Digital library
For our users, we provide access to more then 40 bibliographic databases, more then 3000 e-journal titles, many general and special e-dictionaries and patents in full text. Most of our e-resources are accessible with remote access from outside of  University of Ljubljana  local networks.

CTK Interlibrary loan
It supplies users with information sources held either by CTK or any library in Slovenia and abroad. It obtains books, periodical articles, conference papers, standards, patents, guidelines, technical reports and other documents.
It also provides fast access to some electronic commercial services.

How do you order from CTK?
There are 6 different ways to submit your request:
 - personally
 - post
 - e - mail
 - telephone for rush requests:
  +386 1 200 34 02
 - fax +386 1 425 66 67

How does CTK deliver your document?
There are 4 ways to receive the requested information:
 - post
 - fax
 - Ariel
 - FTP via Internet
 - courier within the University

How quick is CTK Interlibrary Loan Service?
Normal service:
 - within 2 days (from the stock of CTK)
 - within 7 days (from other libraries)

Urgent service:
 - within 24 hours

Upon the invoices, from deposit account, international post coupons, IFLA vouchers...

More information?
If you like to receive further information about document delivery please contact:

CTK Interlibrary Loan Department
P.O. BOX 90/II
1000 Ljubljana
phone: +386 1 200 34 02
fax: +386 1 425 66 67
ARIEL IP: or send e-mail on illctk@ctk.uni-lj.si.

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