6th Convention of Slovenian Consortia for International Scientific Literature


Brave New World or Challenging Reality?

 Outcomes and Return on Investment of Academic Libraries in a Changing Digital Landscape


Ljubljana, September 14th and 15th,  2016





The list of confirmed speakers is shown below:

Paul Ayris, PhD; University College London, UK

Dr. Ayris has been Director of UCL Library Services since 1997. He is also the UCL Copyright Officer.

Dr. Ayris was the President of LIBER (Association of European Research Libraries) 2010-14; he is now Advisor to the LIBER Board on EU matters. He is Co-Chair of the LERU (League of European Research Universities) Community of Chief Information Officers. He chairs the OAI Organizing Committee for the Cern Workshops on Innovations in Scholarly Communication. He is the Chair of JISC Collections’ Electronic Information Resources Working Group. On 1 August 2013, Dr Ayris also became Chief Executive of UCL Press. He is also a member of the Provost’s Leadership Team in UCL.

He has a Ph.D. in Ecclesiastical History and publishes on English Reformation Studies.

Lluís Anglada i de Ferrer, LIBER, CBUC, Spain

Lluís Anglada has a degree in librarianship and a degree in philosophy. He is the director of the CBUC – the Catalan Academic Library Commission (a unit of the Catalan Consortium for Academic Services). Formerly he was the library director of the Catalonia Technical University (1989-1998) and, before, professor in the School of Librarianship, University of Barcelona (1986-89).

He has been active in different professional associations and committees at Catalan and Spanish level, such as the scientific committees of professional conferences, the Executive board of the Spanish Association of Academic Libraries (Rebiun) and the Catalan library association.

Lluís is a member of the LIBER Executive Board and of the Organizing Committee of the European meetings of the ICOLC. He has been a member of OCLC Global Council and Library Advisory Boards of several publishing firms. He writes a blog about cooperation and technology in libraries BDIG  and coordinating another one that summarizes library technical reports Blok de Bid.

Meta Dobnikar, PhD; Goverment of the Republic of Slovenia, Ministry of Education, Science and Sport, Slovenia

Meta Dobnikar started her career at University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering, where she worked as a researcher and teacher at Department of Geology for almost 20 years. Within this time she headed the Chair for Mineralogy and petrology for five years and the Department of geology for two years. In 2009 she took the position of the Head of Higher education unit at the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology, in 2013 she continued her work at the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport at Science unit, where she took the position of the Head of the Science unit in july 2015.

Liam Earney, JISC Collections, UK

Mr. Earney has worked at Jisc Collections since 2003 as collections manager, collections team manager and head of licensing, in which roles he was involved in the negotiation and licensing of a wide range of e-content agreements on behalf of universities, colleges and museum libraries. He has also been involved in a large number of projects associated with copyright and licensing, especially the adoption of machine readable licences, as well as providing consultancy and advice to the NHS, the Scottish Library and Information Council (SLIC) and a variety of overseas consortia on the negotiation and procurement of e-content.

Most recently he was seconded to lead the Knowledge Base+ project building a shared academic community knowledge base for UK organisations.

As well as the UK education sector, Liam has worked with the NHS and museum library sectors and a number of overseas consortia, providing advice on the procurement and licensing of scholarly content.

Friedel Grant; LIBER, Netherland

Friedel Grant joined LIBER as its Communications Officer in 2013. She draws on 15+ years of journalistic and communications experience to champion the causes and projects of most importance for LIBER and its Europe-wide network of universities, national libraries and research institutions. She manages LIBER’s communications channels, collaborates with the network on issues such as copyright, Text and Data Mining (TDM) and open access, and represents LIBER in a number of EU-funded projects. Prior to joining LIBER, Friedel worked on the Communications & Marketing teams of Europeana and The European Library. Before entering the world of Cultural Heritage, Friedel worked as a journalist for The Financial Times and Reuters. Outside of the office, she loves a good bike ride and spent 3 years cycling around the world before moving to the Netherlands.

Sofie Wennström, MSc, Stockholm University Library, Stockholm University Press, Sweden

Sofie Wennström is working as an Analyst at the Department of Quality at the Stockholm University Library. She has over ten years of experience from working at one of the large academic publishers, and brings that know-how into the library to further develop Stockholm University Press into a high quality publishing service for peer-reviewed Open Access books and journals. She is also involved in teaching library and information services and scholarly communication strategies to students at basic and advanced level. Sofie is also a postgraduate student in education at Stockholm University, working on a master’s thesis about motivation and learning in higher education.

Karmen Štular Sotošek, MSc;  National and University Library Ljubljana, Slovenia

As executive director of COSEC and EIFL country coordinator in Slovenia, Karmen Štular Sotošek leads consortium strategic development and provides licensing and sharing of e-resources for the Slovenian libraries and research institutions. She negotiates with publishers to secure affordable access to commercial e-resources on behalf of consortium members, and she works with the Slovenian libraries to encourage subscriptions and usage.

Karmen Štular Sotošek holds Master’s Degree in Communication and Bachelor's Degree in Sociology from the University of Ljubljana. She started working at the National and University Library 20 years ago, and throughout her career she has been responsible for the digital library development. She has led international and domestic projects in the field of digital library development and management. Karmen actively participated in the establishment of COSEC and the Digital Library of Slovenia. She is the author of a series of papers on the theory and practice of digitizing library materials and consortium networking. Her work achievements include the development of cultural and scientific content communication and an increase of their visibility.

Dunja Legat, MSc; University of Maribor Library, Maribor, Slovenija

Dunja Legat works as an assistant director in the University of Maribor Library, Slovenia. She is active in the field of librarianship almost all her working life. Her first employment at the University of Maribor, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering was in the field of documentation, where she led an INDOK center for 5 years. In 1996 she joined the University of Maribor Library (UKM), first as editor of bibliographies of University of Maribor and later as Head of the periodicals, while she remained responsible for the field of bibliography.

In 2008, she achieved the master's degree at the Department of Library and Information Science and Book Studies, Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana with the topic entitled Evaluation of the Bibliographies of Researchers in the Slovenian Union Catalogue. She was also active in the field of quality in higher education as a longtime Chair of the Library Commission for the Quality.

Her primary professional interests are scientific journals, digital library and open access. She is very active on developing the institutional repository of University of Maribor called DKUM. She is member of a task group appointed by the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport to prepare the document “Open Access in Slovenia 2015-2020: Principles and Regulation Regarding the Open Access for Scientific Publications and Research Data in Slovenia” which is now in a process of approval.  She is also the member of LIBER Working Group on Research and Education.

Alisa Martek, MSc; National and University Library Zagreb, Croatia

Alisa Martek joined National and University Library in Zagreb in October 2015 as library advisor for licencing e-resources. According to the Agreement between the NUL and the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports the NUL has taken over the licencing e-resources from the Centre for online databases. The funds for subscription is secured from the European Social Fund „Increasing the access to electronic sources of scientific and technical information – e-sources“ and partly from the state budget.

Alisa Martek holds both Master's and Betchelor's Degrees in Library and Information Science. Through her career she has been working in various types of special libraries, a research library of Croatian Geological Survey and archival library of the Croatian State Archive. She has been in journal publishing all her carrer, started as a secretary and now she is Associated Editor of Geologia Croatica. She is author of series of papers on consortia and consortial licencing of e-journals and also on special libraries.

Miro Pušnik, MSc; Central Technological Linrary at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenija
Miro Pušnik became Director of the Central Technological Library at the University of Ljubljana in 2009. Before his current position, he was Director's Adviser on digital libraries and electronic resources. He led a project on setting up and operating the Digital Library of the University of Ljubljana.

CTK is the central institution for consortia management and e-content acquisition in Slovenia. Their consortia are the largest in Slovenia,  and probably also in the region.

Mr. Pušnik is also member of a research group which runs projects on methods for evaluation of research activities.

He holds BA in Zootechnics and MSc on Scientific and Technical  Informatics from the University of Ljubljana.