Borrowing of library material

Information about the material (books, magazines, etc.) can be found in the CTK’s OPAC, which is part of COBISS.SI.

Some CTK’s printed materials are accessible directly on stacks shelves, others are located in CTK’s storage facility, from where the materials need to be ordered. Information on where the materials are placed can be found in the CTK’s OPAC within the record about the materials under tab “Loan Status” – “Call number – location, accession no.” (in Slovene: “Status v izposoji” – Signatura – lokacija, inventarna št.”). In the “Copy status” section, you can see if the selected material is available for loan, or if it is already loaned and until when.

Materials from stacks shelves (marked with scientific fields) can be borrowed by simply taking the material to the lending desk where you can borrow it with the assistance of a librarian, or choose a self-service mode and borrow it yourself using the self-service lending machine.

If you do not find the desired material, please contact the library staff at the lending desk. You can also contact them to find information about the material, in case of simple queries or any other questions. For more complex thematic queries, you will be referred to our information specialists.

If the material is in the CTK storage facility, please order the material through our library staff at the lending desk. Delivery of material from our storage is every full hour, in case of larger orders by special arrangement. You can borrow the material from the storage on weekdays until 8 p.m., during the summer opening hours until 1 p.m.

On Saturdays, library material can only be borrowed from the storage by prior order. Materials from the storage facility can be ordered by phone +386 1 2003 408 or via e-mail, by Friday no later than 6 p.m. You can also order via the My Library web service (users who are not yet members: by phone and e-mail only).

The loan period for printed material (books and magazines) is 14 days.

The loan period can be extended three times. After this, the member must physically return the material to the library and (if not reserved) can then borrow it again for further 14 days (then it can again be extended three times again). In case the member does not extend the loan deadline in due time, a past due fee for the period from the expiry date of the loan until the extension date will be charged.

I there is high demand for specific library material, competent library staff may shorten the loan period. The member is also informed in writing about the shorter loan period – in the list of borrowed material that s/he receives at the time of the loan.

Extension of the loan period is not automatic.

Members can extend the period (at least one day before the expiration of the loan period):

  • in-person at the library (at the lending desk during lending desk opening hours or using self-service lending machine during the remaining opening hours),
  • by phone +386 1 2003 400, +386 1 2003 401 or +386 1 2003 448 (please call our library staff during the lending desk opening hours),
  • via the COBISS OPAC My Library Web Service or via mobile application mCobiss,
  • by email:

The loan period cannot be extended:

  • if reserved,
  • if the library material is already past due, or if the number of possible extensions has already been reached
  • if the material has a special status (shorter loan term) or if the user’s records show outstanding financial liabilities in excess of € 10.00 or more than 30 days, regardless of the amount,
  • if the membership has expired.

Order, reservations or loan renewals of the material can be placed:

  • in person,
  • by phone +386 (1) 2003 408 – ordering material from our storage facility, up to 10 minutes before every full hour; it can be picked up at full hour,
  • by phone +386 (1) 2003 400, +386 (1) 2003 401 or +386 (1) 200 448 – ordering material from stacks shelves, extending the loan period or reserving the material,
  • by email:,
  • via the COBISS OPAC My Library Web Service; to use My Library you need the COBISS OPAC password that you get when you register in the library.