CTK departments and services

CTK governing bodies

The founder of the CTK is the Republic of Slovenia, and the founding rights are exercised by the Government of the Republic of Slovenia. CTK is led by the director, mag. Miro Pušnik.

The highest management authority is the CTK Council; the chair Mateja Tilia. The CTK Expert Board is led by Mag. Darja Vajs Košir (CTK).

In terms of organization, the CTK is divided into several departments and services:

Circulation and Reading Room

The main activity of the department is lending of library materials to users. Staff of the department also manages the stacks shelves, where users have direct physical access part of the library collection, materials from the other part of the library collection can be ordered from library’s storage facility upon request. At the lending desk, users can get information and assistance with finding materials, and with using computers for browsing the library catalog. The staff of the department also looks after order and safety in the reading rooms.

For extension of the loan period by telephone and all for other information related to the operations of CTK, please dial +386 1 2003 400, +386 1 2003 401 or +386 1 2003 448.

Head of the department is mag. Darja Vajs Košir (darja.vajs@ctk.uni-lj.si, phone: +386 1 2003 410).

Acquisition and Interlibrary Loan (PPDI)

This department provides these services:

  • Acquisition of information resources. The department places orders and purchases all types of materials (monographs, serial publications, databases), manages consortium purchases, and collects proposals for the acquisition of library materials. When printed materials are received, an inventory is made and the physical protection of the library materials is applied. This department also prepares write-offs of printed material.
  • Interlibrary loan of information resources. If you need library materials that are not in CTK’s collection, want an article or chapter from a book in electronic form, or want to receive material by mail, contact our Interlibrary Loan (ILL). The department has many years of experience in providing material from Slovenia and abroad. Due to good connections with libraries, similar institutions and commercial suppliers in Slovenia and abroad, it finds the most favorable solution for your application, regardless of whether it is a loan or delivery of library items.

Head of the department is Tatjana (tatjana.intihar@ctk.uni-lj.si, tel. 01 2003 414).

Information Services, Development & Research & Education Services (IRIS)

The department combines activities of several specialized information centers for construction, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, chemistry, mathematics, physics, ecology and others. The basic mission is to provide users with scientific and technical information, especially in the fields of electrical engineering, electronics, computer science, information sciences, mechanical engineering, construction, chemistry, ecology, architecture, urbanism and art. Users can benefit from specific and other queries from various databases performed by information specialists from this department. For more complex problems, they prepare information analyzes and advise on the basis of gathered information.

This department is in charge of standards and information activities in this field. Users can have in insight into standards in the reading room area; standards can also be purchased through CTK’s Interlibrary Loan.

In addition to the above, staff of this department advise in the field of professional informatics, educate users, build specialized databases and tools for database building and searching within databases (glossaries and classifications); last but not least, they manage the selection of professional literature (books, periodicals and databases) in their field, the content processing and respective placement of the library material on the stacks shelves, and they assist users in with the library material usage.

Head of the department is Mr. Iztok Skulj (iztok.skulj@ctk.uni-lj.si, tel. 01 2003 430).

General, Personnel and Accounting (SKF)

Staff of this department manage financial transactions of the CTK, they prepare regular financial reports and perform other accounting tasks. Staff of this department also perform organizational, administrative, personnel and secretarial tasks, required for the management of the work organization.

Head of the department is Vesna Kalabić (vesna kalabic@ctk.uni-lj.si, tel. 2003 443).

Information Technology and Development (ITR)

The main activity of this department is the installation and maintenance of computer hardware and software in the CTK and IT support for staff. This department also maintains computers for users on the CTK premises, and they provide respective technical assistance. One of the tasks of the department is also the management of the DiKUL Portal.

Head of the department is dr. Uroš Kunaver (uros.kunaver@ctk.uni-lj.si, tel. 01 2003 444, pomoč za portal DiKUL 041 756 308).