In the Reading Rooms

Reading rooms are available to all visitors, however, for studying in our reading rooms only library members are admitted. On 1st October, 2015, a new arrangement was introduced for the use of Internet services in the reading room. The key change is that in order to use computers and terminals (except for the terminals for the library catalog and terminals in the entry hall area) users have to be registered library members. In the CTK reading rooms, users have access to two wireless networks for Internet access –
Eduroam in Libroam.

You can become a CTK member at the lending desk, more information: +386 1 2003 400 or e-mail Computers can be used with the COBISS password received when enrolled in the CTK. For a smooth use of library services and premises, the library has adopted rules governing the relations between the library and users. These rules are available in the form of CTK’s General Conditions of Business at, in print form they are also posted on information boards in the library. Study seats are located in the circulation area reading room, in the Janez Puh reading room and the Anton Codelli reading room.

In the circulation area reading room, you can study in a lively work environment among stacks shelves with books or journals. As this area is also intended for reading literature and using computers, you want to visit it, when you do not need complete silence while studying and the library activity in the background does not bother you too much.

If you want to study in silence, you will prefer to use the Janez Puh reading room (known as the silent reading room), which has 24 seats. The use of personal computers and any use of mobile phones or other portable devices is not permitted in this area.

For group learning, various meetings and other professional discussions or presentations, our smaller reading room (Anton Codelli reading room) can be used; it can be booked one day in advance at the lending desk.

A locker can be rented for 30 days; the respective fee is according to the valid CTK’s library fees.

Payment of the monthly locker fee is possible during the library’s opening hours, no later than 8 p.m. during the week. Three days before the expiration of the rent, the 3-day period for the extension of the locker rent starts. During these three days, the locker rental can be extended in person at the lending desk. The locker rent is renewed by making a new payment for the next 30-day period.

The locker rentee is obliged to return the locker key by the end of the rental period, it is not necessary to return it daily. If the locker key is nor returned on the last day of the rental and the locker rent is not renewed, a week later CTK will charge a compensation for the unreturned key according to the valid list of library fees.

Due to the consistency of the implementation of these rules, CTK reserves the right to check the contents of lockers twice a month (date not set).

The locker rentee has to empty the locker by the end of the rental period, otherwise the CTK will empty it. The library safes personal belongings of the member for further 10 working days after emptying the locker, after that more valuable things are handed over to the police, the rest is thrown away. In case of the first violation of the regulations, the locker rentee will be reminded, and in case of further violations, we deprive him of the right to using the locker. The deprivation of rights may be temporary or permanent. The decision is up to the library director.

The lockers are exclusively to be used for the storage of learning materials. It is not permitted for storage of food, drinks, clothes, footwear, non-borrowed CTK material and dangerous or harmful objects / substances. In the lockers order and cleanliness need to be pursued.

For items stored in the locker, the locker rentee is liable. The locker keys are not to be lent to anyone. In the case of a lost key, please inform us immediately via e-mail: or a in person.