Information Services

Skupina ljudi

The Central Technical Library is not just a classical library, but also an information center for scientific and specialized information; we provide information in the fields of technology and natural sciences from our own and subscribed databases and other electronic and classical information resources.

CTK’s information activity addresses the broadest range of users and provides assistance in finding professional and scientific information.

Information specialists (experts in the field of construction, architecture, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and chemistry) can assist users with the following information services:

  • thematic inquiries and analyzes from various information resources,
  • periodic thematic inquiries,
  • information consulting (use of the results of information inquiries in solving subject field targeted problems),
  • information products (glossaries, manuals for the use of specialized information resources, etc.),
  • building of the international ICONDA database,
  • trainings for users on how to search, evaluate and use specialized information resources,
  • production of researchers’ bibliographies,
  • PATLIB Center of the European Patent Office (information inquiries in the field of patents and intellectual property).

Please contact our information specialists between 8.00 and 15.00. In the afternoon, you can leave an order for thematic inquiries and other information services at the lending desk.

Thematic inquiries can be