The Central Technical Library at the University of Ljubljana is not just a classical academic library, it is also an information centre for scientific and professional information, which provides information from fields of technological and natural sciences from various databases and other special collections.

Information services of the CTK target a wide variety of users on order to help them searching for professional and scientific information.

Information specialists (professionals from the fields of civil engineering, architecture, electrical engineering, machine engineering and chemistry) provide following services for our users:

  • Searching in databases and other information resources.
  • Selected dissemination of information.
  • Teaching users how to search, evaluate and use specialized information resources.
  • Participation in the ‘Ask the librarian’ service.
  • Participation in building the ICONDA database.
  • Feeding bibliographic records into the COBISS system.
  • Running the PATLIB centre of European Patent Organisation (access to patent databases, information searches in the field of patents and other intellectual property).

Our Information specialists are there for you from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. After 3 p.m. requests for information searches and other information services can be left at the lending desk. Information searches can also be requested by e-mail: