The mission and vision of the CTK

The Central Technical Library of the University of Ljubljana, as an academic library provides information and library services in the fields of technology and science to students and employees of the University of Ljubljana as a support for undergraduate and postgraduate studies of students and teaching staff, and for research work of academics.

To a lesser extent, it also provides some services to students and professionals from other schools and universities, and to employees of for-profit and non-profit organizations. The library’s services are based on professionalism, quality, user-friendliness and modern technology.

Through connections with other libraries, library networks and information systems, it provides its users with access to information and materials from all over the world (the CTK Mission Statement was adopted at the Library Council meeting on 27th May, 2004).

CTK is an innovative academic library that provides access to its own and foreign library materials and information resources, especially for users in the fields of technology and science.

It adapts to the changing needs of users, which arise from changes in scientific communication and changes in education. In support of educational and research work at universities and research institutes, the library paves the way to easier, faster and wider paths to knowledge in the long run, especially through the transition into a digital library. It adapts its work and organization to the University of Ljubljana (UL) and connects with the libraries of UL’s members and other libraries or related organizations.

That is why, it strives for professionalism of the library and information work, the respective staffing and modern technological equipment. It follows the development of library and information activities and acquires new knowledge, identifies the wishes and needs of users and constantly evaluates the effectiveness and efficiency of its work.

Through creativity in finding new solutions and directions of operation, it strives for developing a modern cooperative library information system. It quests for the acquisition of purpose-built premises (vision adopted in the Development Plan of the Central Technical Library of the University of Ljubljana for the period 2009-2013 at the 7th session of the CTK Council on 19th February, 2009).