Use of electronic resources

For our users we provide access to a wide range of library information resources in an electronic, mostly online, environment. Our resources, are included in the Digital Library of the University of Ljubljana, that way users can access the entire range of information resources, provided by other libraries of the University of Ljubljana, not only by the CTK. Via the Digital Library of the University of Ljubljana, users can access more than 100 different electronic information resources from one entry point, such as bibliographic databases, e-journal collections, e-book collections, e-dictionary collections, patent collections and other types of databases, covering contents of various subject areas and professional fields.

All users can access various electronic information resources on the library premises; of course the use is subject to specific licensing conditions. On 1st October, 2015, a new arrangement was introduced for the use of Internet services in the reading room. The key change is that in order to use computers and terminals (except for the terminals for the library catalog and terminals in the entry hall area) users have to be registered library members. Users can ask for help at the lending desk, our staff will direct them to one of the computers, where access electronic information resources is available.

Users from the University of Ljubljana can also use most electronic information resources from outside the CTK premises. Access from the premises of the University of Ljubljana is granted without any special authentication. For access from outside the premises of the University of Ljubljana, the so-called remote access applies. For remote access a password for COBISS or for the COBISS / My Library (received upon enrolment in the University of Ljubljana) is required.

The usual entry point for the use of electronic information resources of the CTK and the University of Ljubljana is the web portal Digital Library of the University of Ljubljana, which, in addition to the federate search, also provides many other functionalities.

For browsing and searching of e-books and e-journals available to users of the UL, please use the Catalog of e-resources, where you can search for an up-to-date list of e-books, e-journals and some other types of full-text documents ( e.g. standards, reports). You can use the E-dictionaries.E-dictionaries website to use electronic dictionaries. Our information specialists have also prepared Selected e-resources for the field of engineering, which can also serve as an entry point for the use of electronic information resources. In addition to the Perinorm bibliographic collection and the SIST portal you can also use the CTK Catalog of standards, which provides information about the standards collection in our library.

For information and assistance regarding the use of CTK electronic information resources please contact the lending desk or call by telephone. For information regarding technical issues of the DiKUL portal and remote access, please call +386 041 756 308 or contact us via For content-related questions please contact us via +39+86 1 2003 430 or

The use of electronic information sources is subject to General Terms and Conditions for the Use of Licensed Material:

Use of Licensed Materials

Authorized users at universities are faculty members, postgraduate and undergraduate students and faculty employees. If the library provides access to library material to the public (walk-in users), these users may access to and copy licensed material for study, research and personal purposes only, provided that walk-in users access licensed material on the library premises.

Access to the licensed material includes retrieval, display, search, download, printing and saving of individual articles for study research, for educational and personal purposes. Copying and saving is limited to single copies of a reasonable number of individual articles.

Authorized users are not allowed to copy and save entire journal issues. The use of a reasonable amount of licensed material for the preparation of course packs and other materials for educational purposes is permitted in most cases.

Restrictions on the use of licensed material

Only authorized users are allowed to access the licensed material. Users may not abridge, modify, translate the licensed material, nor may they create any derivative work to use the licensed material. It is not permitted to remove, conceal or modify the copyright or other notes that are part of the licensed material. The use of licensed material for commercial purposes is not permitted.

Remote access to electronic information sources

Students and employees of the University of Ljubljana can access most of the CTK’s subscribed electronic information resources from CTK’s and NUK’s computers and from computers installed on the premises of the University of Ljubljana. Remote access is also possible. The remote access service is provided by the National and University Library.

What is remote access?

When a library provides access to various subscribed electronic information resources, it must, in accordance with the provisions of the license agreements, ensure that only library’s users have access to those resources.

For the access to most resources from sites of the University of Ljubljana, CTK and NUK, we use the IP authentication or control of access to subscribed electronic resources for all authorized users, only in rare cases a username and password are required.

Remote access allows users to access resources from any location at any time: From home, from an Internet cafe, etc. For authentication, the membership card number of your library and a valid password are required.

How to use remote access?

Remote access to electronic information resources of the University of Ljubljana can be used by members of libraries that are included in the authentication system for remote access, i.e. libraries of all academies and faculties of UL and CTK and NUK. Included libraries are listed in the drop-down menu of the remote access login website. Information on resources to which remote access is enabled for certain groups of authorized users of UL, CTK and NUK libraries can be found in the description of each information resource in the Catalog of Inf. Resources in DiKUL or in the list of information resources on NUK’s Mrežnik.

Remote access password

We provide remote access to active (enrolled) members of the included libraries. The password for remote access is the same as the password for managing borrowed material or electronic ordering via the COBISS / OPAC computer catalog (COBISS My Library).

If you do not have a password yet, please contact NUK or CTK or the library of your faculty or department, where the password will be entered in the records accordingly. If you are not a library member yet in one of the libraries, please require this password when enrolling in the selected library. The password can be used immediately after that. You can become a NUK library member at Turjaška 1 in Ljubljana on ground floor, room 11, working hours from Monday to Friday from 9 a. m. to 6 p. m., on Saturdays until 2 p. m.

You can become a CTK library member at Trg republike 3 in Ljubljana, on 1st floor, from Monday to Friday from 8.00 a. m. to 9.00 p. m. or during the summer opening hours on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 8.00 a. m. to 2.00 p. m. and on Wednesdays from 8.00 a. m. to 6.00 p. m.

Remote access protocol to information resources

On the website of the selected library, please select the respective library entry point to electronic resources (e. g. on CTK’s webpage Selected e-resources for the field of engineering). If accessing from a location where no password is required, e.g. from CTK or UL premises, the link at the entry point leads directly to the resource. From all other locations a password is required. For each electronic resource, there is an indication whether remote access is possible and, if so, what licensing regimes apply.

Click on the link to access the database. As the interface of the resource does not recognize your IP address, you are directed to the authentication system. As it’s a secure login, your browser will usually warn you beforehand. As you continue, a login page opens where you select the library you are enrolled in, the membership (student) card number, and the password. If the browser reports an error, e.g. that the page cannot be found or displayed, then access is prevented by a firewall on your side.

Oddaljeni dostop CTK

Click on the ‘Prijava’ (‘Login’) button. After a few moments, the previously selected electronic resource opens.

License Restrictions

The password is for your personal use only and may not be disclosed to other persons. You are obliged to respect the licensing provisions of the providers or publishers of information resources. The license terms are summarized in the Terms of use of electronic information resources. Measures will be taken against violators in accordance with the provisions of the Rules on Work with Users of Individual Libraries.

Information resources are for your personal use only, if your institution needs access to the resource, it will have to subscribe it itself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can some resources not at all be used via remote access? T is the license agreement between the publisher or resource provider and the library that allows (or not) remote access for library users. Some publishers require additional payment or do not allow remote access to resources at all. Libraries try to provide remote access for as many resources as possible, depending on their financial capabilities.

Why can’t all members of all included libraries access all resources? Libraries sign license agreements with vendors, that among other things determine, which UL members can access and also which users can use remote access to an information resource. Thus, students and employees of UL, CTK and NUK have access (including remote access), to the widest range of resources regardless of whether they are members of their primary library, CTK or NUK. A specific, much narrower set of resources is also accessible to all other members of UL, CTK and NUK libraries who are not students or employees of the UL. And, some resources are available only from sites of certain faculties or with remote access only to students and employees enrolled in a specific faculty library (e. g. some specific resources for users of BF, EF, FDV, FF, FŠ, MF). If you are not entitled to access, a page with the message “Access denied due to license terms” will open after logging in. Detailed information on license conditions or access regime can be found in the description of resources at the entry points to electronic resources.

I am enrolled in several libraries at the University of Ljubljana, which library should I choose when logging-in? The widest range of access to information resources is provided by selecting the faculty library (or academy or college), where you study or are employed. If you log-in with your NUK or CTK member card number, the system will recognize you as a student or employee at the University of Ljubljana, in this case you may not be able to access some specific information resources available only to users of certain faculties.

Are special settings on my computer required? There is no need to change anything on most computers. However, if you encounter problems, check if your browser allows cookies and if the firewall of your institution, computer or Internet provider allows access to the port in the range from 2048 to 2348 on our server (http: //nukweb.nuk 2048… These settings need to be corrected by yourself or your local network administrator.

How do I allow cookies in my browser? In Internet Explorer open the ‘Tools’ menu> and select ‘Internet Options’…> on the ‘General’ tab, click the ‘Delete cookies’ button… to delete cookies. Then select the ‘Privacy’ tab> click the ‘Advanced’ button…> tick ‘Override Automatic Cookie Handling’, for First-party cookies and Third-party cookies select ‘Accept’ and tick ‘Always Allow Session Cookies’.